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Embark on the story of Dubrovnik


In the southernmost part of Croatia lies the Mediterranean pearl - Dubrovnik, also known as ancient Ragusa. The City will captivate all your senses, as famously stated by G. B. Shaw: "those who seek paradise on Earth should come to see Dubrovnik". Indeed, Dubrovnik is the chicest town to visit, the most alluring spot of the Adriatic coast, a site that emanates uniqueness. For a curious traveller that enjoys spontaneity at his own pace, discovering Dubrovnik is everything but a superficial deed: it incontestably becomes a place of attachment. No doubt, you are coming to the city of a dazzling artistic value... Contrasts between the historic town and the surrounding nature seem like a symphony that arouses different emotions of the inner being. In a word, this place is a treat for the eyes and a haven for the soul. Describing Dubrovnik is a challenging task - for the essence of the City reveals itself shyly and stunningly. The words freedom and harmony are so beautifully interwoven into the essence of Dubrovnik, so much that they resonate with every step through its polished limestone streets...

Dubrovnik Old Tow - view from Pile on pirate boat

Pile with a welcoming bay

Sea Rocks Residence is nestled in Pile, a picturesque neighbourhood at the very entrance to Old Town. To improve its trade, the medieval Republic of Dubrovnik established manufactures at Pile. It was a separate settlement where wool and cloth were dyed and leather was tanned, all in the immediate vicinity of the Pile Gate and Old Town.
The word 'pile' is actually a derivative of the Greek word for a gate. Today, it is a charming and tranquil place, an oasis with stunning views on the fortresses Lovrijenac and Bokar, the City Walls and the Adriatic Sea.

Pile is a place where two buildings fit so harmoniously next to each other: a fine dining restaurant Nautika and Sea Rocks Residence. Two authentic beauties that are 'storytellers' in their own right... two concepts that are synonyms for ultimate luxury... But there is another close charming neighbour of the Sea Rocks Residence - the 16th-century church of Saint George (Crkva svetog Đurđa), standing on the small plateau by the sea. Built with authentic stone pieces, this church gives an idyllic tone of stillness and calm to the Lučica bay, popularly called West Harbour. Pile truly embodies the vivid life as it once was. Visitors leave delighted and amazed by this ambience. For some it is an escape from the hustle of Old Town, for others the famous Blackwater Bay from the Game of Thrones. If you want a perfect Mediterranean accommodation, there is no better place to stay than at an authentic seafront location. We take great joy in sharing this marvellous Dubrovnik experience. We are proud to have restored the heritage house, sharing its beauty with everyone around us. The beauty’s name is Sea Rocks Residence. Welcome!

Dubrovnik - more than Old Town

Dubrovnik is a place of breathtaking experiences. You will inevitably start to wonder what Richard the Lionheart, La Serenissima or the Republic of Venice, the Ottoman Empire, Napoleon's army, the Habsburgs and the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy have to do with it. Seemingly a lot of history, but actually layers of intriguing stories wrapped into the essence of this breathtaking architectural marvel. Whether you are an art history connoisseur, an adventurer longing for outdoor activities, an epicurean in a quest for superb cuisine or just a fan of the beach and the sea, Dubrovnik is truly an enchanting and irresistible place of immense beauty. Allow yourself to be an explorer! Immerse yourself in the story as a connoisseur of the art of living. Indulge your senses in the mesmerizing allure of this exquisite historic core. Keep in mind that walking through the polished limestone streets of Old Town turns into a spectacular act. We all become refined, better people thanks to the harmony of the City. That's exactly how its inhabitants have called it for centuries: simply, the City. As we slow down and listen, we notice and open ourselves to the joy of life. We discover a new self in the unexpected, in observation and surprise. Intimacy with a place is established spontaneously, while our curiosity takes an empathetic approach to the past. We subtly absorb the melodies from the sea and murmurs from the streets, while insightfully looking at the beauty of visual details. Travelers are always, one way or another, in the quintessential search for meaning. Finding and savoring authenticity of ambience is what this City offers. Each story about the City is unique and never fully told… thousands of stories can be told, yet many more remain to be created. Let this story be a prelude, an inner preparation for your own fabulous Dubrovnik holiday.

More of Dubrovnik story – coming soon….

Dubrovnik Sea Rock - Lovrijenac
Sea Rocks Dubrovnik - Hrvatska Turistička zajednica Sea Rocks Dubrovnik - Grad Dubrovnik Sea Rocks Dubrovnik - Turistička zajednica grada Dubrovnika