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Sea Rocks
Dubrovnik Luxury Residence

The jewel of picturesque Pile

An authentic Mediterranean seafront residence right next to Old Town seamlessly merges history and heritage with utmost grace and luxury. Sea Rocks is the epitome of harmony - a distinction so loved and so lived over the centuries in Dubrovnik.

Our rating on is 9.9! We are proud of our excellent reviews and continuously strive to provide the best experience for our guests. Thank you to all our visitors for their trust and positive reviews that motivate us to continue with excellence.

Sea Rocks Residence

Dubrovnik – Sv. Đurđa 5

Welcome to Sea Rocks, a vibrant place that exudes uniqueness in the most beautiful scenic milieu of Dubrovnik. Ignite your senses and discover absolute bliss! Our alluring seafront residence seamlessly merges history and heritage with utmost grace and luxury. Besides the majestic view and tranquillity, Sea Rocks itself is a treat for the eyes and opulence for the soul. Meticulous care for the lavish experience and incomparable emotions of our guests make this residence the chicest place to stay in Dubrovnik, right next to Old Town. Sea Rocks offers a breathtaking, classy and intimate ambience. As your idyllic retreat for relaxation and a starting point for exploring Dubrovnik, our residence is an elegant place where hundreds of stories can be told, yet many more remain to be created. Enjoy every minute of your sumptuous stay!



Idyllic seafront living, the quintessence of the Mediterranean aesthetics


An authentic Mediterranean stone house with captivating modern decor makes a winning combination for your luxury stay. Choose your very own paradise among six exclusive accommodation options and sink into unmatched comfort.

 Sea Rocks Dubrovnik - Deluxe   Room with Garden View - Jardin

Gardin Room

Deluxe King Room - Gardin

  • Ground floor
  • Garden view
  • 21,1 sqm
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 Sea Rock Dubrovnik - Deluxe King Room with Sea View - Elafiti

Elafiti Room

King Room with a sea view - Elafiti

  • First floor
  • Sea view
  • 24,1 sqm
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Embark on the story of Dubrovnik


In the southernmost part of Croatia lies the Mediterranean pearl - Dubrovnik, also known as ancient Ragusa. The City will captivate all your senses, as famously stated by G. B. Shaw: "those who seek paradise on Earth should come to see Dubrovnik". Indeed, Dubrovnik is the chicest town to visit, the most alluring spot of the Adriatic coast, a site that emanates uniqueness. For a curious traveller that enjoys spontaneity at his own pace, discovering Dubrovnik is everything but a superficial deed: it incontestably becomes a place of attachment. No doubt, you are coming to the city of a dazzling artistic value... Contrasts between the historic town and the surrounding nature seem like a symphony that arouses different emotions of the inner being. In a word, this place is a treat for the eyes and a haven for the soul. Describing Dubrovnik is a challenging task - for the essence of the City reveals itself shyly and stunningly. The words freedom and harmony are so beautifully interwoven into the essence of Dubrovnik, so much that they resonate with every step through its polished limestone streets...

Dubrovnik Old Town

Sea Rocks Gallery

Sea Rocks Dubrovnik - Hrvatska Turistička zajednica Sea Rocks Dubrovnik - Grad Dubrovnik Sea Rocks Dubrovnik - Turistička zajednica grada Dubrovnika